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Beach Rock Rings

These rings are special. The labor and knowledge required to make these rings is intense. I start with select Rhode Island beach rocks. Color, stone density and, of course, shape are important considerations in the choices I make for this collection. The backs of these stones are ground until the rock nests comfortably on the finger. Holes are drilled for settings and the post, which is pegged into the rock from the back plate. Additional prongs secure the rock to the ring and add a striking visual affect. These are treasured by all who wear them.

Button Rings

My antique button collection is an endless source of inspiration. The incandescent beauty and durability of these little gems make them perfect for use in almost all jewelry categories. The shanks and settings designed for this collection are simple. The buttons speak well for themselves!

Pressed Metal Rings

Stamped metal patterns are lightweight and can be inserted into cast frames to great effect. Metal processed in this way sparkles and beautifully compliments added CZs. The settings we use for CZs are 14 carat gold.

Simple Rings

These simple rings make wonderful gifts for children and young at heart adults! The imagery is fun, not fussy. I had thoughts of childhood books and fairy tales in mind when I designed these. Enjoy stacking with other rings! Please allow five days for making and shipping.