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Beach Rock Pendants

This collection features carefully selected Rhode Island beach stones. I have designed several “bail” resolutions and combine these with some of my favorite imagery.

Large Button Pendants

I am amazed every time I open the cabinet which holds my button collection. They embody sheer beauty and creativity. The settings which hold them are simple. These jewels from our past speak eloquently for themselves.

Long Triangular Pendants

My father-in-law was an amazing metalsmith and jeweler. He would occasionally give me assorted parts and pieces left over from past endeavors with an encouragement to use them. This collection of pendants utilizes Jack’s long-hammered triangular shapes. Culled from a drawer full of his goodies, I have added simple drops to these elegant forms.

Pressed Metal Pendants

Patterned metal surfaces fascinate me. They speak to the ancient metal working technique called chasing. Chasing is the selective pushing of thin sheet metal backed with tree pitch down from the surface to create a pattern. Repousse is a companion technique which involves pushing the metal from the back side or inside of a form towards the surface. Small steel tools are used as extensions of the hammer to move the metal.

These techniques remain in use today but are labor intensive, therefore prohibitively expensive. My husband Peter has introduced me to an efficient, cost effective technique useful for the creation of low relief patterning in thin sheet metal. This process allows for beautiful results similar to chasing.

Simple Pendants

I have created this category for designs which currently have no companion pieces. Occasionally new more fully developed collections will evolve from this category.

Small Button Pendants

Simple settings in combination with these gorgeous antique buttons are a winning combination. As I re-purpose these buttons, it is fun to contemplate their past and wonder about the special clothing they once live on. We give them new life! They are attention getting conversation pieces.