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Customer Care of Jewelry

Avoid cleaning jewelry made with beach stones and antique buttons in ultrasonic Cleaning machines.

Much of my jewelry has a soft brushed finish and is not highly polished. Refinish with 000 or 0000 steel wool. Sterling silver oxidizes. The copper content in this metal reacts with body chemistry and causes the metal to darken over time. Highly polished metal can be refinished with a quality polishing cream. I recommend Goddards or Hermans polishing cream. There are other good ones on the market. Chain is easily re-polished by wiping with silver cream on a sponge.

I love the way silver wears. Well worn silver jewelry takes on a soft and beautiful finish. The little nicks and dings are best left as a testament to a life well lived!!

When you first receive your jewelry, have a look at the way in which it has been made. Do your best to understand areas of vulnerability and handle accordingly. Silver is a relatively soft metal and needs to be handled with care. A dedicated storage box or drawer will protect your treasured investments. Knots in chain can be undone by using two push pins to “tease” the knot out. Avoid excessive bending of earring posts and fishhooks. Metal fatigue and eventual breakage is caused by repeated bending. Delicate chain can break. We do not repair broken chain but we can replace it. Please contact us for replacement charges.